This rain, don't be afraid of swollen doors.

Windows & Doors
This rain, don’t be afraid of swollen doors.
Will be hit with water or will be soaked in water, don’t be afraid.
Windows and doors, Moda, we can handle it.
Meet the needs of home lovers with a modern look
structural system Steel reinforcement inside the jamb cavity at every point to increase hardness insulation material Contains a mixture of UV Stabilizer, anti-UV properties, noise protection. No worries about termites.

Moda always sees customer safety first.

☑️ The tightness of the lock system that is different from the general lock system
☑️ There is another locking system besides the Multi-Lock System to increase the
Another level of safety
☑️ Lock system that users can use easily and uncomplicated
☑️ The system will only work when the door is completely closed. which will not be available if
The door is not completely closed.
☑️ No lock points to see Make the door look like a normal door.

our vision

Moda U-pvc Windows & Doors are in our own home. Should be the safest???????? The door and window issue is very important. Should choose materials that are strong and durable for the safety of everyone in the family. thank you customers trust in the product and choose to use the service from Moda Doors and windows are made of upvc material, not decay, termite, do not eat, water resistant, sun resistant, can last for many years. Moda’s u-pcv is reinforced at every point. For the strength of your home and your safety We produce according to customer requirements. unlimited number