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Most Popular

Concertina Fly Screens

Our Concertina Fly Screens are perfect for large openings and doors. Custom made to fit perfectly over any opening.

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Standard Float Glass

Float Glass is available in a wide array of thicknesses and has no color. Learn how float glass can benefit your home.

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The Multi-Sliding Patio Door System

Our Multi-Sliding System is our most popular choice when it comes to replacing old aluminium sliding doors over 2.5m high.

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MODA U-PVC Windows & Doors Systems

MODA is one of the most active in the European and Asia markets, for almost 15 years. Since then MODA has been leading in roles in this domain offering integrated solutions for buildings of all sizes and structures for example (homes, business structures, office, condominiums, village, schools, industries, complex and special constructions. There is no Structure we can’t do.

MODA is a leader in innovation, export and local sales using only the latest technology for all the Machinery for a U-PVC Business.