Modern in both design and technology and exquisite in quality. Our production facilities are based in Thailand with craftsman UPVC best in their field. The windows and doors systems are produced using exclusive profiles that only Moda make. We are a leader in supply and demand with only the “Golden European Quality Standards”.

MODA is one of the most active in the European and Asia markets, for more than 15 years. Since then Moda has been leading in roles in this domain offering integrated solutions for buildings of all sizes and structures for example (homes, business structures, office, condominiums, village, schools, industries, complex and special constructions. There is no Structure we can’t do.

Why Choose MODA

We not only give you European high standard quality Windows and Doors but we give you a “Gold Standard” in customer service. Premium Quality deserves High quality Customer service. We take quality control very serious, from measuring customers houses to the exact measurement to the production.

Our Philosophy and Service

Moda’s constant growth in the market has established us as a leader in consumers perception in its market. Our philosophy has always been the high quality of its products which in accordance with its growing technological support, enabling the true innovation to be creative and go further than our competitors. Our goal is to fulfill the most exclusive architectural requirements that customers have to offer.

Moda’s other philosophy is client oriented, offering exceptional service always trying to “give that extra” to give confidence to the clients. Moda is national its qualified installation team install everywhere in Thailand. Whether it is a new building which hasn’t had windows or doors before or the replacement of the old window systems we offer an incredible 10 years written guarantee and service for a lifetime!.


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