Casement System

UPVC Casement Profile System

A uPVC casement door has a single sash which is hinged from the side but can be designed to open either inward or outward, based on your requirement. Moda uPVC Casement Doors are suitable for balcony patio or deck. They are very economical and popular and are available in variety of designs and colors.

Our Casement System is our most superior system and offer the very best  security, sound and weather insulation. Used for both windows and doors, this system is versatile and offers a double rubber seal and compression locking to ensure maximum protection from the elements. Available for a variety of different window and door styles, the Casement System is able to produce shapes like arches and triangles and offers maximum opportunity to light up a dark room.

Casement System Advantages


What are the benefits of the casement system?

When you’re looking to replace your old wood or aluminum windows, the casement system is an excellent choice and has many great benefits to offer. It’s the most popular upvc window system across Europe, which means it carries years of product development and improvement, resulting in excellent security, sound insulation and weather resistance.


Multipoint locking – up to 5 points on a door ensures that breaking-in tends to be way more hassle than its worth. Our high Quality stainless steel hardware is tough, durable and mostly hidden out of view. As with all of our windows and doors, the frames and sashes are reinforced with galvanized steel. Combined with laminated safety glass, this makes our casement system 100% secure.

Sound Insulation

With a ‘double’ rubber gasket seal all the way around where the sash and frame meet and heat welded corners, casement windows and doors are completely air-tight – meaning noise can’t penetrate. Combined with double Glazing, the casement system can block up to 80% of the outside noise pollution.

Weather Resistance

For the same reasons listed above – and for the fact that the window or door sashes don’t run on a track, the casement system locks out all of the elements: rain wind and fire. All of our profiles have been extensively tested in stressful environments to ensure that the colour and shape remain exactly as the day they were made, under warranty for 10 years.


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