Sliding Window

Sliding Window System

The Sliding Window System is our most commonly used system for sliding windows and doors. Opening from left to right and right to left, this system can also accommodate 2 or 4 panel doors and is our most popular system used for 4 panel windows and doors.

The twin sliding window allows for easy cleaning and maintenance from inside and out. Perfect for most sliding window requirements. The sliding system offers the very best in sliding uPVC windows and doors security and sound insulation. The multi-chambered profile extrusions and accessories like the anti-lift means that the sliding window system is a perfect choice for any renovation or new build project requiring sliding windows and doors.

Sliding Window System Advantages

Sliding Window System

Choosing a sliding window system for your home or condo – whether a renovation or new build, is a smart choice. The sliding window system offers the very best in security, sound and weather insulation. The functionality of the sliding system means that it is perfect for properties that are looking to maximize their view while also maximizing space. The sliding system runs on tracks and rollers so an open window or door doesn’t take up any room in the property.


Multipoint locking – up to 4 points on a door, combined with an anti-lift mechanism, ensures that breaking-ins no easy feat. Our high Quality stainless steel hardware is tough, durable and designed to withstand break in attempts. As with all of our windows and doors, the frames and sashes are reinforced with galvanized steel. Combined with laminated safety glass, the sliding window system is as secure as sliding windows can be.

Sound Insulation

The sliding system runs on a track – which means a rubber seal can’t be used. Instead, the sliding system uses a double brush seal around all of the sashes, not as good as the casement system for sound insulation but does block up to 50% of the outside noise due to the multi-chambered profiles and durable brush seals. Combined with double Glazing, the sliding windows system will be enough to keep out the noise of barking dogs and loud music.

Weather Resistance

As with all sliding window systems, the multi chamber profile extrusions means that water penetration can be controlled and directed. Carefully placed drainage slot keep excess rain flowing away from the inside, meaning water cannot get into the building. All of our profiles have been extensively tested in stressful environments to ensure that the colour and shape remain exactly as the day they were made, under warranty for 10 years.


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